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Chula is a psychological thriller centered on a young African lady living in the Washington, D.C. Area. 

Selamawit Worku's character, Chula, is a successful pianist. 

Her expertise and discipline, though, come from a darker place. 

She is a perfectionist by nature. 

Chula's upbringing was marred by a stern father's authoritarian and disciplinary approach toward both Chula and her deceased mother, which caused her a tremendous deal of pain.

Chula's path to becoming a gifted pianist was paved with emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

Chula began to have spells of depression and mania as she grew older and moved to become a professional Pianist. In the guise of substance misuse, she initiated a new type of self-torture. Because of Chula's erratic and unpredictable conduct, her most important and profound relationships always appeared to terminate. After losing everything, the story ends with a message of hope.


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